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 Moments with You

This song was composed when I was in my full element. March 27, 2006.


As the rainbow appears above you.

I see sunshine in your face

As the wind blows through your hair

I see sparkles of life in the air


As the white clouds float in the sky

I see the heaven in your eyes

As the seawaves rush to the sea

I see the ocean in your eyes



I can’t imagine life without you

I wasn’t in love like this before

You put my pulse and heart to race

And calm down by your tight embrace


You are the sunlight of my morning

And your rays gently wake me up

All my days become so brilliant

Everytime you kiss my lips


You’re the sweet moon of all my nights

Everytime I gaze the skies

Now my evenings seem so bright

Coz you stay with me all the while



hopeful kisses

This song was composed when I was in Pagsangjan Laguna during break while conducting a training

for frontliners of pansol resorts association. March 28, 2006


I’m saving all my kisses for you

keeping sweet embraces for you

showering all my loving

for you…


we’ve been through thick and thin

the memories that we shared

all the ups and downs the turning of our page

now my heart is saying…




saving all my kisses

keeping sweet embraces

all the love in my heart

I’m saving …for you


I’ve been waiting all days and nights

Hoping that the future will give home for us.

And open the gates of loving

For me and you…


We’ve been so in love

on and off all these years

a strange type of love we are in

but still I’m saying…


repeat refrain


Wishful Sunrise

I was doing this while emptying my cup of coffee in front of euphorbia  garden one beautiful morning in Quezon.

Just me and my guitar…. And my laptop.


Its Monday morning

And I got nothing to do

I jumped off from bed

And walked straight to you


I’m reading my fresh

Morning paper again

While I drink up

My favorite black brewed coffee




What a beautiful Monday

What a lovely day

I wish, how I wish

That this happens to me


I’m talking with my girl

And exchange laughters with her

I’ll pick her a flower

And gently put it on her hair


We frolic on the sugar beach

And build our castle like kids

Not minding the waves later

just sheer enjoyment together


Repeat Refrain