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Who am I


I am generally an output-oriented person. I work for results than get stuck in giving out reasons. In whatever I do, i tend to put if not find meaning and value in it. My philosophy is to give than receive; and when i do, i give my best. Creativity and continuous improvement are second nature to me. I'm a work in progress even on areas i feel i am an expert at. I still believe that there's vast space in me for improvement. Touching people's heart, impacting their lives, nurturing their souls are part of my missions in life as a trainer. I am currently part of training consultants for Philippine's Department of Tourism, a training manager of a corporate company in Manila and a forerunner of a training and consultancy team targeting small scale companies and Non-Government Organizations. On the side, I'm managing a budding social development association catering less fortunate school-children in the countryside and leading a alternative rock band. As long as there is opportunity to help and assist people get to their best being, i'm up it. As i do this, my belief grows strong that i am spiritual being on a human life experience.


My interests are varied and in different level and intensity. I love reading biographies, military stories, personal development materials, inspirational and leadership books and even comics. I normally indulge myself into watching movies, writing poems, songs, interact with people and exchange thoughts about practically any topics that pop into mind when my elements take me to the "zone". I love to keenly observe people's feelings, behaviors and reactions to different life scenes- then i'd catch myself pondering on the question "from what space these reactions are coming from? What catches my interest is the human psychology and interplay of human behavior at work. The writings, songs, and paintings i made all talk about human struggles, success and celebration. I am convinced that every moment on earth, there's an interesting new thing about human life awaiting to be discovered, understood, embraced and celebrated.